At Dominion Steel Specialties Inc., quality is an asset that is wedded with each product that we offer. The ISO 9001 standards that have been defined for steel based industries are completely assured by us. Just because we do not manufacture at our business premises doesn’t mean we don’t keep track of the quality. We analyze processes on a consistent basis to deliver consistency in performance of our products. Our quality assurance processes are divided in a series of steps that include Quality Management Process, Statistical Process Control, Testing and Inspection.


Quality Management Process

  • Our entire supply chain is monitored on a regular basis for the assurance that they are delivering the quality that they promise.
  • Our professionals are aware of all the industrial material standards. The supply chain that we link with are also the ones that consider staff education and proper training quite important for the delivery of right kind of material quality.
  • We promise complete compliance of our products with the ISO 9001: 2008 standards defined for steel based heavy industrial products.
  • Finely calibrated equipment for measurement and assurance of product quality standards when tested under consistent conditions.
  • Well-structured instructions to inspect quality on a regular basis.
  • Complete documentation is maintained about the inspections at any point of time.
  • All audit records are maintained about the accepted and rejected products out of a lot.
  • Processes are tracked at each step to ensure that we offer 100% of what we commit to deliver.


Statistical Process Control

The capabilities of processes are analyzed to reveal the industrial operations that can meet the specified tolerance thresholds.

  • Processes are tested consistently so as to monitor if the specifications are met on a continuous basis. This process helps in the definition of control limits and preventive measures.
  • Upper and lower bounds on the material tolerance can be defined for almost every product serving load-based performance in the industrial environment.


Testing and Inspection

  • Assurance of Raw material quality to ensure that it complies with all the pre-defined standards.
  • We perform regular inspection of our products before handing them over to the clients. The ones that fail are rejected right away.
  • The entire lot is tested rather than just one or two from a particular set.
  • The testing is done under extreme conditions to analyze and ensure the worst case conditions.


Ropes and other products are subjected to fatigue test and cycle