What we charge?

For the whole lot of products that we offer you, we charge a small amount. It sounds strange but that’s true. We can make our products fit into your pocket easily. The greater your requirements, the better a deal you are likely to get. We charge quite less for the quality of products that we offer to our clients. We offer a great level of scalability to our clients by fulfilling the exact requirements that they are looking for.

Standard Pricing: The products that are made as per the pre-defined set of standards applicable in various industries are chargeable as per the actual costs.

Custom Pricing: There are certain set of standards that we have defined that mark the threshold of the price range that we offer for our custom product development.

We wish to progress hand in hand with our clients. Our extensive range of wholesale products is usually shipped to the client end in large lots. This way, it leads to a two-way benefit with our customers achieving some of the cost benefits in a bulk order while we rise on the graph of business profitability with mass sales. So, if you are looking for a wholesale partner who can suffice all your needs while going easy on the pay, our services can be a feasible choice.