Dominion Steel Specialties Inc. is a business venture into delivering high quality services to clients spread within a large diametric business range. With a large product inventory stock and regular testing going on, we intend to fulfill any sort of client requirements ranging from small to large. Through the years, our enterprise has been able to establish a distinguished business niche. The services offered by this company include:

  • Custom made products: Apart from the standard products available to meet some of the most common business requirements, we tend to deliver our clients to get their products custom-made in large quantities. The measurements for each of the products can be specified and everything can be worked out according to the specifications that are drafted by our experienced staff.
  • Quality Assurance: Quality is the one thing that the client assesses when entering into business communion with any business organization. We understand how important it is to know that all the product standards are met and the process of manufacturing has not met any such hurdles. This is why we intend to provide product delivery services in lots of completely secure and reliable products to meet a number of business needs.
  • Client Satisfaction: We consider customer satisfaction to be our business avenue. Delivering seamlessly working products with high tolerance at a small cost is what not only brings us close to our clients but also instills a spirit of trust in our services.



It is essential to analyze whether a system is able to perform in the manner expected when placed under certain conditions. Reliability is a part of product engineering that forms a structured approach for determine the level of tolerance and the extreme ends of product functionality under exceptional circumstances. The process involves:

  • Practical Analysis
  • Specification of Requirements
  • Hardware & Software Design
  • Manufacturing
  • Testing
  • Maintenance
  • Operations Research
  • Technical Documentation


Reliability is diligently linked with security of the system. This process may involve a variety of different methods. This ensures that the end users will not have to experience cash outflow due to the frequent repairs, equipment compatibility and upgrade, failure and downtime. Though the overall process tends to ensure efficient cost-savings, the focus of this activity lies in determining whether the system is secure. Complete reliability analysis results are recorded for efficient analysis and management if failure conditions. We promise to offer complete operational reliability for the products that we offer.