Products Offered in Stainless Steel

Dominion Steel Specialties Inc. is a leading stainless steel wholesale firm in the industrial domain. We provide a vast array of steel based products that can be deployed in a number of industrial operations and domestic applications. The cutting-edge technologies that we use to refine the best pieces of steel and to mold them into useful products are capable of meeting the growing industrial requirements. We not only deal in providing large quantities of massive tools but we also deliver the small tools that may be a basic necessity in some of the business operations.

Aircraft Cable

Aircraft cable is made up of wire having specific strength and is used for aircraft control and many other purposes in the aircraft industry. Although commercial grade aircraft cable is not suitable for aircraft control but it can be used for many general purposes such as sling and many more.

Architectural Fittings

Architectural fittings are made from quality stainless steel ensuring high strength and durability. These fittings are available in various designs, shapes and sizes according to the requirements of the customers.


Stainless steel is very durable as well inexpensive; therefore it is commonly used in commercial industry. Due to its ability to resist rust, steel chains are in great demand these days.


There are various kinds of eyebolts that come in different sizes and materials. Some of them are screw eye bolt, forged eye bolt, shoulder eye bolts U-bolts and lag eye screw. Each has different applications in various industries.


Strong and rust free stainless steel hooks are used by some recreational fishers. Those who can understand the long term effects of steel hooks can realize that these are cheaper and better options.

Wire Rope

Steel wire ropes are used in various industries therefore it is important that chemical composition and the tolerance of the material should be in accordance with the AISI 316 requirements.


The U-shaped hinge that contains a metal-loop and lock provides help in rigging applications.


These stainless steel products help two objects to rotate in a certain pattern while attaching the alternate ends to the different products to be rotates.

Apart from these, turnbuckles, wire rope clips and wire rope thimbles are also offered by us to let customers meet their small equipment needs as and when they arise.