Wire ropes are becoming an indispensable part of heavy industries today. With a number of strands of metal twisted in a helical form, these ropes possess different strengths and tolerance levels to meet a wide range of core industrial applications. We at Dominion Steel Specialties Inc. tend to deliver our clients with the highest quality standards that can satisfy all industrial needs. Our range of products has been classified as under:


General Purpose Applications

  • Steel Rope: We are one of the largest firms dealing in high-quality, seamless wire ropes with a steel core. We can suffice the varied demands of ropes in different industries. These ropes offer high durability, great tensional strength, robust structure and long life expectancy.
  • Fiber Rope: This variety of ropes contains fiber instead of steel core with helical strands of wire covering it. The presence of fiber offers greater flexibility and resilience to shock loads. These ropes are mainly deployed in shipping applications along with slings.


Crane Ropes-Rotation Resistant

  • 8X19: Resistant to crush and improved flexibility with 6 times better rotation resistance as compared to the ordinary ropes. These fall under the 3-layer rotation ropes that contain greater number of strands that can better distribute the pressure applied.
  • 19X7: These ropes fall under 2- layer inner component cross overs that make them suitable for small load crane operations. Rotation resistant ropes are used to control the tendency of ropes to develop torque when subjected to load.


Galvanized and Vinyl Coated Cables

  • Galvanized: Small in diameter, wire coated with zinc, resistant to corrosion, great flexibility and feasible cables for large aeronautic, marine and various other applications.
  • Vinyl Coated:Resistant to abrasion, high temperature-tolerance, corrosion-resistant, strong and flexible.


Strand / Guy Wire

Strands or Guy Wires are high tension ropes that are used to support massive standing structures. This tension developed along the diagonally placed wire joint with compressive strength allows these rope wires to endure cross loads like storms or the burden of diagonally rising structures.


Trawl Cable

This structure has 6 exterior strands with each comprising 7 wires with a Polypropylene core. Large applications like large scale fishing and other such marine activities utilize these cable structures