Quality Control, Testing, and Detecting during manufacturing

YOKE Industrial Corp. runs a state of the art production facility with contact and strict quality control in every stage of the manufacturing process from raw materials to the completed product.   All YOKE lifting products are tested in accordance with EN 1677and achieve H91 certification by BG Germany.  YOKE is an ISO 9001 certified company and has type approval by the main international authorities from SABSZU,ABS, and DNV.  YOKE has achieved CNLA certification--Chinese National Laboratory Accreditation which ensures a quality research and development (R&D) department and unsurpassed product engineering.


  • Spectrographic Analysis :
    To assure the proper metallurgy content of all raw materials.
  • Magnaflux Crack Detection :
    All forged chain components are each individually magnafluxed to detect any irregularities after heat treatment.
  • Eddy Current Detection :
    All load pins are 100% individually inspected and tested after heat treatment.
  • Ultrasonic Detection :
    Forged Hooks or Links size 22mm or larger, have ultrasonic detection to avoid any internal cracking.  Certificate available upon request
  • Manufacturing Proof Load Test :
    All chain and components are proof load tested at 2.5 times the working load limits with resultant permanent deformation within 1%.
  • Dynamic Fatigue Testing :
    Batch samples of chain and components are Dynamic Fatigue Tested at 1.5 times the working load limit for 20,000 cycles.
  • Ultimate breaking load test :
    Batch samples of Chain and Components are break load tested in a static tensile testing machine to ultimate failure,   The minimum ultimate break force is equal to the Working Load Limit times the safety factor, (a minimum of 4 times the working load and up to 6 times based on the item).   


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